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We design visual communication content for today’s most discerning businesses.

We’re graphic designers and storytellers fusing 3D motion design with film craft and technology to create content that’s imaginative, innovative and impactful.

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Roan Brown is a London and Manila-based Founder, Visual Communicator (graphic design and digital product design) whose career focuses on the conversation between digital and traditional visual communication narratives as they intertwine with each other across digital analogue landscapes.

Passionate about graphic design, obsessed by the challenges of a discipline that exists in a constant state of constant flux.

Using a holistic approach in dealing with clients’ complex requirements is supported by extensive experience delivering rigorous identity systems across all digital, print, and environmental platforms.

Delivering high-quality work across a vast range of clients that span the security, legal, sports, health, arts, communication, design, electronics and entertainment sectors and application, our portfolio includes identities, books, marketing campaigns, motion graphics, packaging and websites.

Rise and go beyond

Beautiful & simple design

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Beautiful & simple design

Studio Disiciplines

Visual Specialist

Logo and identity, specialising in visual brand communication.

Motion Creator

Creative communication via motion design.

Content Creator

Mobile photography and videography for content creators.

Showcasing beautiful images in a unique way.

Voice is Visual

Movement is Motion

Content is King

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Visual Brand Design

Logo Identity
Visual brand elements
Brand guidelines

Digital Brand Design

Motion logo / ident
Website design / UX
Email campaigns
Interactive presentations
Social media skins
Social media templates
YouTube thumbnails
Branded video ident
Branded video presentation
Digital brand guidelines

Print Brand Design

Branded stationery
Business cards
Leaflets & flyers
Event stand
Branded apparel
Print brand guidelines

Creative Services

We can offer you a personal design and creative direction consultation, a service designed to help you reach your brand and marketing goals. Design thinking, marketing, branding and strategy are a central part of our services.

It allows us to explore graphic communication design as an expanded practice. Our approach is focused on a solid grounding in our discipline’s core languages, contexts and applications, encouraging the opportunity to test and stretch its boundaries.

1. Kick-Off Call

During our initial call, we will discuss your project and your goals. This is an opportunity for me to understand requirements, goals, aspirations and give some initial consultation on what can be achieved, as well as answer any questions you may have.

2. Strategy & Timeline

After listening to your requirements, I will put together a timeline to outline your creative strategy and the steps we will take to develop it and how we will work together.

3. Design & Artworking

Next, we can begin the design process to develop your creative strategy. The aim here is to deliver you a bespoke and crafted visual solution that achieves your brand’s requirements.

4 . Finalise & Deliver

Finally, we will undertake some final tweaks and amendments to ensure you are happy with the delivery of all agreed creative. Your project is now ready for the world to see!

Projects Showcase

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Team Formation

The team is structured and devised to support three types of practitioners:

  • Team ID (inter-disciplinary designers) who want to stay broad-based 
  • Team Hy (hybrid designers) who work across a targeted combination of areas 
  • Team Spec (specialist designers) a more specific discipline focused designer 




“Be BOLD and stand out from the crowd. Our  features include modern typography and powerful imagery to communicate your brand.”

Roan Brown

Respond beautifully

Understanding your visual brand allows you to stand out from your competition. It will enable you to communicate your values and ideals by strengthening how your customers find you. To ensure sales growth and increase brand exposure, establishing a strong visual brand is one of the most important things you can do. Your identity and voice are your visual brand, and that’s how we can help make sure it’s saying what you want to say.

Modern typography and powerful imagery.

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Strength to promote your business

My strength lies in the ideas I generate from my methodical design process which guarantees I understand a subject to the fullest, allowing me to generate bespoke and exciting ideas for my clients and use my skills in art-working to bring them to life.


My experience working with top design agencies and global brands has given me the opportunity to design and direct creative work across a wide range of successful brands.

Today Is Everything

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Extremely versatile

“I believe design is not just about aesthetics and making things look good, it’s about creating the right solution and user experience based on a solid idea, developed through research, design and a good understanding of the product and audience.”

Unlimited possibilities

Successful brands define their own brand philosophy, which is clear in everything they do and say. This is carefully thought through, designed, refined and established and is reflected in their visual brand.

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